Zinc Plating

Zinc plating is one of the processes of electro-depositing of zinc metal on the surface of other metal objects.

The zinc plating process provides a physical barrier that will stop the rusting process from starting.

There are many processes to zinc plating like zinc plating which includes chloride zinc plating, alkaline non-cyanide zinc, alkaline cyanide zinc plating, zinc alloy plating but the selection of any process will depend on the substrate, the coating, and the costs.

To achieve the best results to zinc plating, you must complete the right plating line with suitable equipment. These equipment include Industrial Tanks that can either be made of Polypropylene and SSTL, Filtration systems, Rectifiers, Heaters, Air Agitation lines, Cranes, Load Bars, Fume hoods, Copper Cathodes, Racks, Anode Baskets and Zinc Anodes.