Plating Rectifier

Initially, electroplaters used generators to provide the direct current needed for the electroplating process till they were replaced by plating rectifiers which convert alternating current AC to direct current DC.

The plating rectifier has a transformer that reduces the voltage, diodes responsible for the conversion, a control system for both the voltage and the current, a device for cooling the rectifier and overload protection.

Plating rectifier has different waveforms which you must consider before you place an order. It may be a full-wave current or half-wave but the best to use for electroplating process is the full-wave to get the best results for processes like chromium plating and other.

Rectifiers have good characteristics that make them a better choice than generators. Some of the excellent ones are, energy saving, compact and lightweight, easy modulation, output stability, etc. They also have many applications and comes with many voltage power supply types.