Commercial Anodizing Equipment

Anodizing is a process of treating the surface of an aluminum to convert it to aluminum oxide.

Anodizing aluminum takes so many processes to arrive at the state of aluminum oxide. The reason for anodizing aluminum is to make the oxide layer to thicken for wear resistance and better corrosion. To make an aluminum part anodic, it must pass through an electrolytic cell to make the chemical processes complete. Sometimes, people dye the oxide layer which forms on the aluminum to improve its appearance.

Apart from corrosion resistance, there are many reasons for the anodizing machine. When there is an electrolytic anodic coating on aluminum, it improves durability as a result of wear resistance. Also, the aluminum thick state makes it harder as well. Anodizing machine improves its adhesive bonding, paint adhesion and enhances the aluminum capacitance in relations to electronic applications.