REXPLATING focuses on manufacturing plating machines and solutions for the process of plastic and metal plating industry.

Since 2001 we tackle the growing demand for plating machines while drawing on manufacturing. Being the advanced experts with 18 years of experience and work in the branch we form and work around the mission of excellence. Our story began with machine repairment only to establish the first shop in 2001.

From that point on the timeframe of REXPLATING development saw the following progress:


The first production line for “Auto Rack Plating Machine”


Formed the team of 15 Engineer Developers to create a new plating technology.


Technological updates perfected the application in anodizing/chrome plating/gold plating/nickel plating/zinc plating.


REXPLATING developed machine came with an exceptional reputation in Cambodia, Indonesia, and Ethiopia


Established a department overseas in order to better respond to our global market. When our past customers are asked “where should I buy electroplating equipment?”, they don’t hesitate to recommend us.

REXPLATING systems help support cost-efficient production, create environmentally friendlier surroundings while maintaining the constant production quality. At REXPLATING, we grew from our 18- year experience to develop an innovative solution for the top-quality plastic and metal plating. Increasing demand for metal substitutes are becoming the key factor in the market while we follow up precisely.

As the industry changes so does the REXPLATING mission:

  • To bring innovation for a global market and excel along the way.
  • To help create and implement solutions which can help the environmental crisis.
  • To maintain a virtuous integrity.